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Must-Have Makeup Brushes

The proper tools are fundamental for any job, and makeup is no exception. For the right tools you can go as cheap or expensive as you like. Cheaper brushes do not feel as nice, and the bristles easily fall out, but they will achieve… Continue Reading “Must-Have Makeup Brushes”

My Spring Must-Haves

{Vintage Florals} Spring is my favorite season,  and each year I have a new must have list of things I am lusting after for spring. Here are my spring essentials….. What are your essentials for spring this year? {Lace} {Pastel & Nude Polish} {Nude… Continue Reading “My Spring Must-Haves”

Five Things

 {my new pandora charm} This week I received the oh so cute purse Pandora charm shown above for Valentine\’s Day. Do you have a Pandora bracelet? If so what charms do you have? I also learned how to make some seriously adorable bows from… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Five Things

 {fresh tulips} Much of my weekend will be spent catching up on some reading and doing crocheting while I am on the train headed to New Orleans. What are your plans for the weekend?  {new eyelash curler by Tarte}  {mini chicken salad sandwiches, chips… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Neon and Neutrals

If you asked me if I liked neon my first response would be no. However that isn\’t necessarily true. Last summer and spring I paired nude nail polish on my nails with neon polish on my toes. I also wore neutrals that were carefully… Continue Reading “Neon and Neutrals”