My Spring Must-Haves

Spring is my favorite season,  and each year I have a new must have list of things I am lusting after for spring. Here are my spring essentials….. What are your essentials for spring this year?

15 Comments on “My Spring Must-Haves

  1. I got some really cute floral shorts on sale a month or so ago. They were on 90% off, for less than $10! I really want some lace shorts, too. And maybe a really pretty white lace top. XO


  2. I wonder if I can pull of floral shorts without it looking unflattering on me. Other than that I'm totally on board with the rest of the list!


  3. I love that clutch! What a darling idea! Those shorts are too cute. I am not a big fan of my legs but in Vegas it is too hot to not wear shorts. I bought my first pair last year and snagged a cheap darling teal pair that I can't wait to wear.


  4. Gosh I cant wait for Spring! I need to stock up on new nail polish colors too.Stop by and enter my Vedette giveaway!


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