Neon and Neutrals

If you asked me if I liked neon my first response would be no. However that isn\’t necessarily true. Last summer and spring I paired nude nail polish on my nails with neon polish on my toes. I also wore neutrals that were carefully paired with neon accessories.  It seems like for spring and summer this year neon and neutrals are all the rage… what do you think about this unlikely pair?
{Zoya Shay & China Glaze Shocking Pink}

27 Comments on “Neon and Neutrals

  1. I think neon with neutrals can definitely work, since it helps to tone the whole look down. I can't really pull neons off personally, though.


  2. I have really light skin, so I'm not sure I will be wearing neon clothing, but I would definitely rock some neon accessories.


  3. I've been loving it, one of my favorite summer pieces are my neon pink chinos from J.Crew – I just think it's so fun!xx Emily @


  4. I love neons, but never thought I would pair a neutral with it. However, the outfit Kristin Bell is wearing will definitely be some inspiration for me!


  5. I'm absolutely smitten with the combination of neutrals and pretty neons!


  6. oh i totally love everything about jessica alba…and that necklace is SO CUTE!!! love all of these fun finds!


  7. I love that Michael Kors bag, it reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Carmine. So pretty. Love neutral and neon, never thought of it. It's genius


  8. I'm so shocked that I actually love this! I'm definitely going to try out some of these combo's I'm sick of just the nude/black combo I've been wearing all winter. Great tip!!


  9. Great minds must think alike, I polled my FB fans today…for spring pastels or neon brights? Majority responded neon brights…I'm with you on the whole trend, I'm still trying to figure out how to best wear it without it being too much! Neutrals are def a great start! It's my first time visiting, love your blog 🙂 hope you'll stop by and maybe we can follow each other?


  10. Great minds think alike! I just did a wedding inspiration post today on neon!!! I am totally loving this style right now & just recently dug my old neon yellow scarf from Nordies out of the closet. I love adding neon accents to a boring outfit to make it really pop! It's such a fun trend to play around with!! 🙂 Nicole


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