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Announcement: Etsy Shop Opening

Today I opened my own Etsy shop! After searching for druzy agate necklaces at a reasonable price (which turned out to be impossible) I took matters into my own hands to create my own version of these delicate necklaces that I saw all over… Continue Reading “Announcement: Etsy Shop Opening”

Make a Statement

{Flower Lattice Necklace} In elementary school I remember learning about ancient Egyptian culture, and that is when I first fell in love with statement jewelry. The Egyptians had such lavish and beautiful pieces. Now statement jewelry combines elements from previous decades and a variety… Continue Reading “Make a Statement”

Strawberry Inspired

My love for strawberry season mixed with the cute and quirky character of Strawberry Shortcake had me mixing fashion and food at a young age. Creating simple berry inspired outfits such as; a pink top paired with a green belt and red shorts of… Continue Reading “Strawberry Inspired”

I just Love That!

{Marley Lilly Monogrammed Sterling or 14k Gold Lacey Necklace} When it comes to Christmas shopping my goal has always been to be almost done by the time Christmas items start taking over the stores. Between shopping online and in stores I have found multiple… Continue Reading “I just Love That!”

Trendy T-Shirt Necklace

While in college the t-shirt necklace was a fall staple. I had a variety of colors and would wear them instead of scarfs. Sometimes I would even layer them or create them with multiple colors mixed in.  It was a chic look that dressed… Continue Reading “Trendy T-Shirt Necklace”