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DIY Necklace Stand

 I have a large collection of necklaces and am always buying more. After getting fed up with them all over my house I decided that I needed a stand. So I made this simple stand and thought I would share it with you!

Make a Statement this Memorial Day

 I am a big fan of statement jewelry, and so is everyone else this season as it is an extremely popular trend. With Memorial Day this weekend I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to create a red, white and blue statement piece.… Continue Reading “Make a Statement this Memorial Day”

How to: Turk\’s Head Knot Bracelet

 Summer is approaching which mean time on the beach, by the pool or out in the water. Nautical themed items are flooding the stores. One of my favorite items for summer is a Turk\’s Head Knot Bracelet or more commonly called a Sailor\’s Knot… Continue Reading “How to: Turk\’s Head Knot Bracelet”

Got a secret can you keep it? The Official Pretty Little Liars Bracelet

As you may know I am completely hooked on ABC Family\’s show Pretty Little Liars.  If you have never seen Pretty Little Liars before it has a mystery aspect to it more intense than Desperate Housewives and the drama and fashion of our beloved… Continue Reading “Got a secret can you keep it? The Official Pretty Little Liars Bracelet”

Five Things and a Giveaway

   {Hourglass Cosmetics Aura Sheer Lip Stain} Do you love lip stains? Have you ever tried them out? I always love giving my pout a pop a color and Aura Sheer Lip Stain in Petal which is a peachy pink is my absolute favorite.… Continue Reading “Five Things and a Giveaway”