Strawberry Inspired

My love for strawberry season mixed with the cute and quirky character of Strawberry Shortcake had me mixing fashion and food at a young age. Creating simple berry inspired outfits such as; a pink top paired with a green belt and red shorts of course adding a tan clutch would complete the outfit.  Check out how cute this jewelry collection is that\’s inspired by the strawberries, perfectly ripe for any backyard BBQ, summer soiree or a simple trip to the grocery store. 
 {strawberry inspired necklaces: the perfect summer statement}
{the newest addition to the collection: torch-fired enameled strawberries}
{strawberry flower earrings paired with a colorfulberry}

What do you think about this strawberry collection? I am kind of in love with the idea of whimsical jewelry inspired by the season.

16 Comments on “Strawberry Inspired

  1. That enameling is so neat it really makes it look like an actual strawberry with seeds and everything. The statement necklace is by far my favorite


  2. All of the necklaces are gorg! The statement one I think is a must have. I cannot believe someone makes these by hand. The detail in the leaves is impeccable.


  3. Love the necklace in the first picture on the left. Someone is going to get a hint that i want this for my birthday


  4. You now literally have me watching strawberry shortcake on youtube. Your outfit idea sounds really cute and paired with the earrings in the last picture how can you pass that up. xxx


  5. I used to be OBSESSED with Strawberry Shortcake now I want that large necklace berry inspired necklace.


  6. My sister is having a strawberry shortcake themed birthday party I am going to get her one of these!


  7. I am not a fan of the enamel look, but I do love the other pieces especially that statement piece.


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