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How To: Beach Bun

Living in a beach town you tend to spend a good portion of time at the beach. As a result buns, ponytails and chignons become daily essentials. My current favorite is the beach bun or nautical knot. Not only does it keep the hair… Continue Reading “How To: Beach Bun”

Runway Fall 2013: Beauty Trends

{the ponytail} I love seeing all of the new trends that emerge during New York Fashion Week. Just as the leaves change each fall designers allow us as the consumer to create a new look, with old favorites like dark polish and a new… Continue Reading “Runway Fall 2013: Beauty Trends”

Little Black Bow

From headbands and hair ties to ribbon and ruffles I have an entire arsenal of accessories dedicated to my hair. I have even been known to plan an outfit out based on what I will be wearing in my hair. While the perfect little… Continue Reading “Little Black Bow”

How To: Create a Rope Braid

Michigan’s weather is always unpredictable. With fall comes countless days of windblown hair. Braids are the perfect way to counterbalance a windy day. A rope or unicorn braid is my recent favorite; it takes only minutes to make, and still looks adorable after a… Continue Reading “How To: Create a Rope Braid”

How To: No Crease Hair Ties

While I may start the day with my hair down by the afternoon it’s up in a ponytail. I detest the fact that traditional ponytail holders give a hideous dent and pull because my hair is so heavy. When my mum was in high… Continue Reading “How To: No Crease Hair Ties”