How To: No Crease Hair Ties

While I may start the day with my hair down by the afternoon it’s up in a ponytail. I detest the fact that traditional ponytail holders give a hideous dent and pull because my hair is so heavy. When my mum was in high school she started using bra straps as hair ties. They offered no crease and would not pull. I always refused to wear a bra strap in my hair, while I was in college the crease became too annoying and the pulling was out of control. So my mum sent me a care package filled with no crease hair ties that she made using satin elastic and Rit dye.

 {Satin elastic (bought at Joann\’s) cut to 11 inches}

 {Rit Dye in your desired hair tie color(s)}
Step 1: pour a dime-size amount of dye into a bowl, add hot water and stir
Note: the dye is toxic so use a wooden spoon and bowls (I used old Cool Whip containers) that you will either throw away or only use for creating hair ties.
Step 2: place your tie into the dye of your liking.
Note: the longer you let them sit in the dye the darker/brighter they will get.
Step 3: Once you remove the ties from the dye rinse them in cold water, and then place in a salt water bath to seal in the color for at least a half hour. Remove from the salt bath and rinse in cold water. Place on a towel and set out to dry.

Step 4: Once dry cut the hair ties at an angle and dip the edge into \”Stop Fraying\” to keep your hair ties looking chic and fabulous. Tie them into a knot, and enjoy no crease or pulling!

25 Comments on “How To: No Crease Hair Ties

  1. This is neat! I've actually seen a couple of people wear something like this recently. I'm not sure what it was exactly, but this is a great idea!


  2. that's awesome! I'll definitely make these! I have long hair and love it but it's been over 100 degrees for 11 days in a row now and it's just too hot to keep my hair down.


  3. Wow! These look exactly like the store-bought kind! I hope you don't mind if I steal this idea?


  4. Too funny that she would use a bra strap! You know I love these, I lost the only one I had….I'll have to go buy some more or make some, thanks for the directions!xx Emily


  5. I clicked through from pinterest because I want to make my daughter a diaper cover and am looking for colored FOE (the elastic you use is called Fold Over Elastic). I had no idea I could dye it! Thanks!!!


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