Patriotic Pinwheel Pops

During the warmer months in Michigan weekends are spent at the beach, especially the Fourth of July. Patriotic items are an essential part of spending the Fourth of July on the lake. Usually I make sparklers aka chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles. However this year I decided to get a little whimsical and make patriotic pinwheel pops using sugar cookie dough. 

Step 1: Make a batch of your favorite sugar cookie dough and separate into three equal parts. Color one red and one blue leaving one the sugar cookie dough color.

Step 2: Roll out the three colored doughs to 1/4 inch thick. Place the white dough on top of the red and the blue on top of the white. Roll the dough (it will be in a cylinder shape) and refrigerate until firm.

 Step 3: Begin to cut slices off the dough cylinder to your desired size. Mine were about half an inch thick.

 Step 4: Place a lollipop stick into each cookie, and bake as directed.

Step 5: Putting the cookie pops in a cellophane bag gives a completed look to your pinwheel cookies.

22 Comments on “Patriotic Pinwheel Pops

  1. These are so cute, I can barely make just regular old chocolate chip cookies though….so I'm not sure if I could do these!xx Emily


  2. Seriously, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity!! How awesome are these?!! You make this look so easy, I might actually try this out!!


  3. How cute are these!!! Love how you come up with such wonderful ideas. Kids and grown ups alike would jump on such yummies!


  4. oh, i love the nailpolish, it's such a perfect summer color, coral. i'm gonna look for a similar color. cute idea on the ice-cream. 🙂


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