Little Black Bow

From headbands and hair ties to ribbon and ruffles I have an entire arsenal of accessories dedicated to my hair. I have even been known to plan an outfit out based on what I will be wearing in my hair. While the perfect little black dress tends to be a holiday go-to for me, because the accessorizing possibilities are endless my heart is after a different black this holiday season; the black bow. Lauren Conrad, Clemence Poesy and Kelly Osbourne just to name a few have been spotted using a black ribbon to create a bow for their updo, ponytail or headband.  The result is a chic look perfect for Christmas or New Years Eve. What do you think of this look? I know I will be wearing it to my grandparents Christmas party this Saturday.

15 Comments on “Little Black Bow

  1. Boy when I was in high school I definitely used to sport the ribbon on the pony look. So I would do the pony tail one in the first picture but not sure if could pull off the Lauren one.


  2. I love the black bow and I love that you did a post on hair accessories! Sometimes I feel like I am too old for bows because I'm a mom hahaha. But I'm only 23…and I LOVE them! And maybe I will wear something for Christmas!


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