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DesB Timeless Workout Plan

Can you believe January is almost over? It’s crazy, right? If you’ve been following along you know that I am not a fan of resolutions, and that this year I decided to talk about my intentions instead. If you missed the post you can… Continue Reading “DesB Timeless Workout Plan”

Squeaky Pops

 I received Squeaky Pops to review – all thoughts and opinions are my own. As someone who has a sit down job, I typically find myself wanting to snack on anything and everything while I am at work. Sure I bring apples, string cheese… Continue Reading “Squeaky Pops”

Exercise and Dietary Challenge

Have you ever embarked on an exercise and dietary challenge? Typically I am a Tone It Up (TIU) girl, but this October a new opportunity presented itself. One of my favorite trainers offered a 29-day exercise and dietary challenge that I knew I had… Continue Reading “Exercise and Dietary Challenge”


Hey babes! How is the Crazy Sexy Confident Challenge going for you? Are you seeing changes and starting to love yourself more? I know I am! If you\’re following along with the challenge you know one of the activities on the list to accomplish… Continue Reading “POUND FIT”

The Single Core Tip that Changed my Workouts

Fitness babes, did you know that how you breathe during a workout defines how your core changes? When it comes to core workouts I just learned the single most important tip – exhale on the up! Exhaling on the up will ensure that you… Continue Reading “The Single Core Tip that Changed my Workouts”