Hey babes! How is the Crazy Sexy Confident Challenge going for you? Are you seeing changes and starting to love yourself more? I know I am! If you\’re following along with the challenge you know one of the activities on the list to accomplish is trying a new workout class. I rocked out during my workout, when I attended my very first POUND class at ZellaDor.

What is POUND?
Instead of just listening to the music POUND immerses you and allows you to channel your inner rockstar with a full body cardio-jam session, that will have you dripping sweat as you have fun playing the air drums with your Ripstix (lightly weighted drumsticks). Designed for all fitness levels, POUND gives you the opportunity to let loose and rock out. Both men and women are invited to join the workouts.

I really loved how high energy the class was, the instructor definitely makes a difference and Andrea killed it! Oh, and just so none of you feel bad – I threw a Ripstix straight across the room…yikes!

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