The Single Core Tip that Changed my Workouts

Fitness babes, did you know that how you breathe during a workout defines how your core changes? When it comes to core workouts I just learned the single most important tip – exhale on the up! Exhaling on the up will ensure that you avoid the breadbox core look that bodybuilders get (so not sexy). This single tip made a huge difference in my core workout on Friday, and I have been working hard to focus on my breathing so I can get the most out of my workouts ever since.

Some of my favorite core exercises include
Regular Old Crunches
Obique Crunches
Tabletop Crunches
Forearm Plank
Frog Crunches
Bird Dogs
Hip Dips

*I am not a personal trainer. This is just what works for me.

3 Comments on “The Single Core Tip that Changed my Workouts

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