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Will Tuck for Tacos

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? I may not drink, but I still hit the barre (pronounced \”bar\”) for a Tuck and Tacos Pop-Up event at my gym. I personally love taking themed workout classes. So you know I couldn\’t miss one that… Continue Reading “Will Tuck for Tacos”

5 Tips to Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Summer is right around the corner… I think, and with summer quickly approaching if you’re anything like me you’re determined to try and get into shape. To help myself, and you achieve the goals you have I am sharing some of my fitness tips.

… Continue Reading “5 Tips to Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals”

Refresh Your Spring Workout Routine

My mum told me the other day that she spotted a red wing blackbird. Here in Michigan, this sighting means spring has sprung (finally, I thought winter would never end). When it comes to fitness routines, I find that I need to switch mine… Continue Reading “Refresh Your Spring Workout Routine”

How to: Overcome Gym Intimidation

Let’s be honest for a moment, the gym can be a frightening place. Gyms are filled with complicated contraptions promising to build muscles we didn’t even know we had. With gym bros and fitness fanatics knowing exactly what they are doing and dominating every… Continue Reading “How to: Overcome Gym Intimidation”

Small Aspirations

On March 7th, my best friend Brian lost his battle with cancer and passed away. Brian and I had been friends for twenty plus years, and throughout that time he dealt a lot with my confidence issues. He worked hard to make me see… Continue Reading “Small Aspirations”