Small Aspirations

On March 7th, my best friend Brian lost his battle with cancer and passed away. Brian and I had been friends for twenty plus years, and throughout that time he dealt a lot with my confidence issues. He worked hard to make me see the positives instead of the negatives in life. That being said, you can imagine how much love and light he brought into my life. Now that he\’s gone I am on my own to keep myself from falling into negative self-talk. One thing I have decided to do is write small aspirations on sticky notes and place them on my mirror. Since I look in the mirror first thing in the morning while I am getting ready I have noticed that they have definitely made an impact on how I begin my day. That\’s why I wanted to add some light into your life by sharing 15 small everyday aspirations.

15 Small Aspirations
1. Smile a lot
2. Be happy
3. Step outside of your comfort zone
4. Discover a new workout class
5. Be passionate
6. Show love
7. Value nature
8. Be a goal digger
9. Laugh a lot
10. Compliment others
11. Be happy
12. Find the good
13. Careless about others acceptance
14. Reduce overthinking
15. Think \”Yes I can\”

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