Le Detroit Macaron

When someone asks me what my favorite sweet treat is, my answer is always macarons. French macarons are small round thin meringue-like cookies that are sandwiched together with some kind of filling. The meringue is what makes these cookies unique. They have a smooth, crisp shell and a moist, chewy interior. The fillings can be whatever you dream up from decadent sea salted caramel to buttercream frosting and everything in between.

Macarons are a French staple and if you happen to be in Paris (I\’ve never been, but it’s on my bucket list), you’ll have no trouble finding them at a bakery. Back here in the US, these delicious treats are growing in popularity, and take some searching to find – especially ones that are actually good.

While in New Orleans with my grandparents multiple years ago I tried my first macaron at Sucré. New Orleans is a French city, and Sucré has a pastry chef straight from Paris, therefore these little delicious wonders were as real as real gets. You can imagine it was love at first bite. From then until now I have tried macarons anytime I see them at a bakery, and nothing has come close to comparing. A couple years ago the guy I was dating went to Paris for a work trip and brought me back 12 of the most delicious macarons I have ever tasted. They were just like the ones I remember having when I was in NOLA, and since then that flavor, texture, and amazingness has never left my mind and I have been on the hunt for a real macaron since. Naturally when I heard of a place called “Le Detroit Macaron” I knew I would have to make the trek out to their shop.

Straight from the Le Detroit Macaron website, it says “Anyone who knows their history, knows that Detroit, at its beginning, was French. Le Detroit Macaronby pays homage and respect to that beginning.” The website also states that they use traditional, French macaron method that results in a firm outer-shell with soft insides. 

Le Detroit Macaron ONLY sells macarons, and when your specialty is one thing you better know what you’re doing, and guess what – THEY DO. You guys, it was love at first bite – the macarons tasted amazing, and were actually FRESH!! There are a couple of local bakeries that sell macarons with so much potential – however, they freeze theirs which ruins the taste completely. Le Detroit Macarons fulfilled all of my macaron dreams. Hamtramck is about an hour away from me and worth every minute of that drive to get these delicious little treats.

If you want to taste a traditional macaron, and feel like you’re in a dainty little Paris shop for just a moment – I highly recommend going to Le Detroit Macaron. 

From their traditional flavors, my favorites are Almond, Lemon Zest, Fruity Pebbles and Creme Brûlée. 

Price: $2.75 each

You can also get custom 5 ($12) or 10 ($24) macaron boxes. 

Bon Appétit

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