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Take a Bite Out of Shark Week with Duck Donuts

  The 2020 edition of Discovery\’s Shark Week began yesterday, Sunday, August 9th. Shark Week began by airing \”Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach Off\” at 8 p.m. and will continue all week with at least three specials airing each night. In honor of Shark Week,… Continue Reading “Take a Bite Out of Shark Week with Duck Donuts”

MI Great Journey: Virtual Trek Around Michigan

2020 has brought us a new normal, and currently that new normal has many of us staying in-state instead of traveling out of state. As someone who loves races and adventures, I was excited to discover MI Great Journey. What is MI Great Journey?MI… Continue Reading “MI Great Journey: Virtual Trek Around Michigan”

The Peach Truck Comes to Michigan

This year is all sorts of wonky, and everything seems to be canceled. Well, not everything! You\’ve seen their ads all over Facebook and despite a different kind of tour The Peach Truck arrived in Michigan this weekend. Typically you can just walk right… Continue Reading “The Peach Truck Comes to Michigan”

2020 Summer Bucket List: Quarantine Edition

The first day of summer arrived on Saturday, and even if you don\’t technically have a summer break like you did when you were a child, there is still the feeling of carefreeness during the summer months. I don\’t know about you, but every… Continue Reading “2020 Summer Bucket List: Quarantine Edition”

15 Summer Adventure Ideas That Anyone Can Do

I tell my dog, Jack, we are going on an adventure when we go on a road trip. In December I told myself I was going on an adventure when I flew solo to Colorado. An adventure is different for everyone, and it doesn’t… Continue Reading “15 Summer Adventure Ideas That Anyone Can Do”