The Peach Truck Comes to Michigan

This year is all sorts of wonky, and everything seems to be canceled. Well, not everything! You\’ve seen their ads all over Facebook and despite a different kind of tour The Peach Truck arrived in Michigan this weekend. Typically you can just walk right up and buy peaches, pecans, cookbooks and more from The Peach Truck. However, this year they did pre-orders – which I loved because I was guaranteed to get what I wanted. The experience was great. They kept everyone six feet apart, everyone had to wear masks and they line moved quickly.

Why are The Peach Truck peaches better than grocery store peaches?
Grocery store peaches can spend many days in distribution before they make it to their final destination. This can result in bruises and texture and taste inconsistency. The Peach Truck peaches are picked while they are firm off the tree and packed in a box and then brought to their destination. In fact, I got an email on Friday saying my peaches were just picked, and I picked them up on Saturday. Now that is farm fresh!

Where are The Peach Truck Peaches from?

The Peach Truck peaches from straight from Georgia. Where the summer heat cooks the peaches night and day to bring you the sweetest and juiciest peaches around.

Romeo Michigan Peaches vs. Georgia Peaches
As a Michigander, I am a little bit of a peach snob. I never buy peaches at the grocery store and only get them when they\’re in season in Romeo. My favorites are Red Haven which offers a little bit of a bite with their sweetness. The Peach Truck bringing Georgia Peaches to Michigan was my first experience with a Georgia Peach and now I know why they\’re called the peach state. These peaches are sugary sweet and juicy. This means not only are they perfect for eating but will probably make some amazing jam!

What I love about The Peach Truck peaches
Unlike Michigan peaches, Georgia peaches are not super fuzzy, which means I can conveniently eat them like an apple. They have an actual peach shape, you know the one that you see in advertisements but don\’t know how they did that. And, they\’re so sugary sweet and delicious. They\’re a great way to cool down on a summer day.

If you have never tried The Peach Truck peaches before, I highly recommend getting some from The Peach Truck.

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