Take a Bite Out of Shark Week with Duck Donuts


The 2020 edition of Discovery\’s Shark Week began yesterday, Sunday, August 9th. Shark Week began by airing \”Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach Off\” at 8 p.m. and will continue all week with at least three specials airing each night. In honor of Shark Week, Duck Donuts is selling a Shark Assortment now through August 16. Head on over to Duck Donuts and grab this jawsome assortment before it\’s gone!

When I heard that Duck Donuts was selling a special edition Shark Assortment I knew I had to go grab it, and take it out on the water with me while I watched Jaws. What I love about Duck Donuts is their donuts are made for you when you order. That\’s right, you actually get hot delicious donuts, made to order. If you live in the Metro Detroit area a Duck Donuts just opened up in Troy. 

What\’s in the Duck Donuts Shark Assortment?
The Duck Donuts Shark Assortment is filled with 12 different donuts, that are sure to have all you shark lovers ready for Shark Week. 

1. Honolulu blue vanilla icing with marshmallow drizzle and a shark gummy
Super cute, loved the shark gummy!

2. Maple icing with chopped bacon and a raspberry drizzle
Very sweet.

3. Honolulu blue vanilla icing with marshmallow drizzle 

4. Sand Dollar: vanilla icing with powdered sugar and coconut
Great combination.

5. Classic cinnamon and sugar
Definitely a classic that is reminiscent of fall.

6. Strawberry icing
Best strawberry icing ever. 

7. Vanilla icing with raspberry drizzle
Great flavor combination.

8. The Flip Flop: chocolate icing with vanilla drizzle
How can you go wrong with chocolate and vanilla?

9. Maple icing with graham cracker crumbs
Sweet maple flavor

10. The Beach: vanilla icing with cinnamon and sugar
Delicious and sweet.

11. Lemon icing
My absolute favorite! Highly recommend getting a donut with lemon icing on it.

12. Beach Ball: vanilla icing with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate drizzle
All around fan favorite. 

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