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Garden District Celebrity Homes

 {previously owned by Ann Rice} While in New Orleans I decided to go on a tour of the gorgeous Garden District. The houses are all absolutely stunning, surrounded by gates and tall shrubbery. The Garden District is the place celebrities love to live it… Continue Reading “Garden District Celebrity Homes”

30 hour train ride…here I come

 {new handbag and sunglasses for the trip}handbag: Fiorelli – sunglasses: Tory Burch cateye Friday morning I will be boarding a train for a 30 hour ride(YIKES!) to New Orleans. I never like packing bags, but this trip I really did not like packing for.… Continue Reading “30 hour train ride…here I come”

Labor Day Weekend

{RIP Rockey} Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Over Labor weekend I visited the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

A Michigan Summer at the Orchard

Even though I spent my whole life in Michigan I still appreciate the beauty the surrounds me. I honestly don\’t think Michigan gets enough credit for it\’s beauty and what it is able to offer. During the summer there are many roadside stands filled… Continue Reading “A Michigan Summer at the Orchard”

The Finest Blueberries

A trip to the blueberry farm. For some of Michigan\’s finest blueberries. How to freeze Blueberries {place them into a colander and rinse them with cold water} {use a measuring cup to scoop them onto a cookie sheet} {spread the blueberries out onto the… Continue Reading “The Finest Blueberries”