Garden District Celebrity Homes

 {previously owned by Ann Rice}
While in New Orleans I decided to go on a tour of the gorgeous Garden District. The houses are all absolutely stunning, surrounded by gates and tall shrubbery. The Garden District is the place celebrities love to live it is quiet and the paparazzi does not bother them. Here are some gorgeous homes owned by some well names including Ms. Sandra Bullock!
 {previously owned by Nicolas Cage}
 {the Manning household where Peyton, Cooper and Eli grew up}
Their parents still live there
 {Sandra Bullocks current home}
{previously owned by Trent Reznor; currently owned by John Goodman}

17 Comments on “Garden District Celebrity Homes

  1. Isn't the Garden District gorgeous?? I loved looking at all of the beautiful homes. Seriously wouldn't mind living there!!


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