February Friendship Gift

For my February friendship gift I decided that I did not want to go with a predictable Valentine\’s theme idea. However I knew you really couldn\’t get through February without a little chocolate. So I searched through a recipe book my mum made when I was in elementary school and I came across these delicious \”turtles\”. I placed between five and seven turtles in a clear bag and tied with with a pink ribbon.These are only three ingredients and so simple, you\’ll want to make some for yourself this weekend.

You will need
• a bag of pretzel rings
• whole pecan slices
• a bag of Rolo\’s (a bag of Rolo\’s will make 56 turtles)

 {lay pretzels out on a piece of parchment paper}
 {place a Rolo in the center}

Bake in a 325 degree preheated oven for two minutes.

 {remove from the oven and immediately top with a pecan}

Place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to allow chocolate to firm up.

 {wrap them up and enjoy!}

23 Comments on “February Friendship Gift

  1. Those look so yummy! I will definitely have to try them, and let's be honest, I'll probably end up eating the first batch myself. 🙂


  2. Yummy and easy! I might make those for my daughter's school valentines so they can eat them for snack. Thanks for the idea.


  3. Yum! I made something similar with m&m's during the holidays. I will have to give this a try as well.


  4. i have always wanted to make these and you are right – such a great friend gift!! thanks for stopping by the blog:) your's is lovely!!


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