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Lake St. Clair Sunset

This weekend my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go out on his boat, and I asked if we could stay out for sunset, he agreed. We headed out onto Lake St. Clair, with a goal of getting me in the water and… Continue Reading “Lake St. Clair Sunset”

Harsens Island – Winter Edition

There’s no better way to spend a Saturday then hopping on the car ferry and heading across the lake to Harsens Island. This trip presented two firsts for me. One I have never been on a car ferry and two I have never been… Continue Reading “Harsens Island – Winter Edition”

Winter Adventure

Recently, we went on a little mini road trip/adventure – in the frigid -20 with windchill weather, but let me tell you it was ridiculously fun. To start the day I was kind of feeling blah, and discouraged about a lot of things, after… Continue Reading “Winter Adventure”

Travel Diaries: Port Huron – Sherman Woods

At the end of summer we had an amazing date in Port Huron. After the date he drove us through Sherman Woods, which was filled with some of the cutest houses that each featured unique characteristics. He informed me that Sherman Woods turns into… Continue Reading “Travel Diaries: Port Huron – Sherman Woods”

Travel Diaries: Seven Ponds Nature Center

When you wake up to your car dusted in snow you know it’s time to accept that your favorite season is quickly coming to an end. With leaves barely hanging onto the trees we decided to take a little trip to SevenPonds Nature Center… Continue Reading “Travel Diaries: Seven Ponds Nature Center”