Restaurant Review: North 42


There are a few restaurants along Lake St. Clair that you can get to by boat; North 42 at MacRay Harbor is one of them. North 42 is the spot my boyfriend picked for us to take the boat to dinner this weekend. Since we were in the water right before getting to the restaurant we decided to eat outside in the pool area that overlooks Lake St. Clair. New to the menu was the Hacienda Salad which featured grilled seasoned chicken, house salsa fresca, aged cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, tortilla strips, chopped romaine, iceberg and baby greens that are served with a Mexican ranch dressing. I was left feeling underwhelmed with this salad, the flavor just wasn’t there. My boyfriend ordered the Pale Ale Fish and Chips featuring Icelandic cod bathed in Bell’s Two Hearted – battered and deep fried with French fries, house coleslaw and remoulade. Hands down he had the better meal, and we both agreed that it was probably one of the best fish and chips meals that we have ever had. If you head over to North 42 by boat or car I highly recommend giving the Pale Ale Fish and Chips a try.    

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