Kroger Prep+Pared: Vietnamese-Inspired Spicy Lemongrass Pork

My boyfriend and I enjoy cooking dinner together, however we both have busy schedules and sometimes there is limited time to prepare dinner with eachother– which results in us not eating together. Kroger Prep+Pared Meal Kitsare the perfect solution for us, we can either go to the grocery store together or one of us stops and picks up the meal kit. Each meal kit is designed to provide two generous portions of food, and usually we have leftovers. This week we wanted to spice up our lives a little bit and went with the Vietnamese-Inspired Spicy Lemongrass Pork. Let me just say, hello flavor explosion – this is one of my favorite Prep+Pared Meal Kits that we have bought. Kroger seriously impresses me with their kits, and if you haven’t tried one I highly recommend heading to your local Kroger store immediately. Stay tuned to see what kit we get next week! Current meal kits available.

Kroger Prep+Pared Meal Kits we have tried:
Shrimp Scampi
Crispy Pork Chops
Coconut Curry Chicken
Jerk Chicken
BBQ Chicken Flatbread

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