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Movie Review: Boogie

Have you ever watched a movie and became so engrained in it the next thing you knew it\’s an hour and a half later and the credits are scrolling? That\’s what watching Boogie for me was like. Right from the start the movie piqued… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Boogie”

Movie Review: Disney Flora and Ulysses

Disney\’s Flora and Ulysses was released on Disney Plus today, and I just had a chance to watch it. If you\’re looking for something to watch this weekend, I highly recommend checking out Flora and Ulysses, adorable, sweet, and it will give you all… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Disney Flora and Ulysses”

Movie Review: Nomadland

Nomadland is now streaming on Hulu.  Imagine a place on the map so tied to its indutries that when the work disappears, so does the place. During the opening of Nomadland they simply state that a zip code can be \”discontinued\”, but what happens… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Nomadland”

LAND is the Must See Movie of the Year

One of the movies I have been dying to see since I saw a preview for it was LAND. Let me tell you this movie did NOT disappoint. Check out my rave review about LAND starring Robin Wright. Focus Features was kind enough to… Continue Reading “LAND is the Must See Movie of the Year”

Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar Galentine’s Party

Thanks to Lionsgate I hosted virtual Galentine\’s Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar watch party with my girlfriends, and I had to share all the juicy deets with you!  Barb and Star is absolutely ridiculous in every shape and form, but it\’s… Continue Reading “Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar Galentine’s Party”