Movie Review: Profile

Focus Features is releasing Profile in theaters this Friday (May 14th). Profile is based on a true story and was originally filmed in 2017, Profile follows British journalist Amy as she tries to use social media to gain the trust of a recruiter in order to get the story of a lifetime. But what happens when she starts Skyping with the enemy? She ends up risking it all—your job, relationships and even her own life.

Profile is in a Screenlife technique, which situates all of the action on a single digital screen. Complete with multitasking between Facebook, Google searches, Skype and phone and text messages from other characters in the movie. The technique isa bit hard to get used to at first. Once you get used to the typing, Skyping and changing of computer screens you’ll be sucked into the story and always wondering just how far Amy (Valene Kane) will go. The story begins with Amy creating a fake Facebook profile, and seemingly within minutes the story unveils into her making a makeshift hijab, and Skyping with a recruiter. Her subject has fallen in love with her, proposed marriage and is trying to get her to move to Syria.

Or maybe he’s a liar and is looking to restock the supply of European sex slaves, you be the judge. What I found to be the most interesting is how he can sweet talk her so much, that she truly starts to fall for him…hard. It’s crazy to me that Skyping and messaging someone can bring on so many emotions that you start to fall for someone who is more dangerous than you can image.

In a world where many of us are spending our days on video calls, watching a movie that should be a break from that just seemed to be more of an eye strain than anything.

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