Movie Review: Rye Lane

Rye Lane is a heartwarming British romantic comedy about finding love again when you least expect it, and that’s the most relatable thing I have seen in a while.

While Rye Lane is in the romcom genre, it definitely steps outside the typical romantic comedy comfortable box of knowing exactly what is going to happen. I’ll be completely honest as a romcom aficionado I thought the direction Raine Allen-Miller, who by the way is making her feature directorial debut with this movie was nuts for not following typical romcom protocol. But instead of me being upset by it, I’m actually taken through a wave of feelings and emotions and ended up enjoying the journey she took the movie on.

How long is Rye Lane?

Rye Lane clocks in that only 82 minutes, which means every minute of the movie counts, and no second can be wasted. Director Raine Allen-Miller does a wonderful job of never wasting a second of the movie, and you see that right from the beginning because, within the first couple minutes of the movie, you’re introduced to the leads.

It all starts in a bathroom

You arrive three months ago when Dom’s (David Jonsson) six-year relationship ended, and it didn’t end well. Which is definitely relatable for a lot of viewers. Dom is attending an art show, where he eventually finds himself having a good cry in the gallery’s gender-neutral bathroom, again we’ve all been there. In the bathroom is where he is soon interrupted by Yas (Vivian Oparah).

You guessed it, the bathroom run-in leads to a conversation in the gallery, which leads to a continued conversation as the two walks through the Rye Lane market area. Before the two know it they are spending the full day together. And that’s something else the newbie director also did, was have Rye Lane take place during the day, we don’t see that concept used in romantic comedies very often—I personally really enjoyed that aspect.

Dom and Yas’s conversations about relationships and life, in general, didn’t feel all that unique. They definitely felt very real, though, which is sometimes something we don’t want in a movie but truly need.

What is Rye Lane?

Not only is Rye Lane the title of the movie, but it’s an actual place in London. And the fact that Allen-Miller used Rye Lane and South London areas as the actual backdrops for the movie, and didn’t just fake it was a huge bonus. Plus, by using Rye Lane and South London she was able to sprinkle the movie with vibrant colors and modern art, which truly made for a unique visual aesthetic.

What I liked about Rye Lane

Allen-Miller uses various camera angles including distant and fisheye which you don’t really see anymore, but I truly loved in Rye Lane. Rye Lane is a romantic comedy with two charismatic leads, packed with chemistry, offers creative visuals, and comes with a short runtime to boot. It has the quintessential framework for a romantic comedy that you never knew you needed, and you can’t help but want to watch it again as soon as it ends. Good thing Rye Lane will be premiering on Hulu Friday, March 31st so we can all watch it again once it ends.

Overall Thoughts About Rye Lane

I honestly have already watched it twice and will watch it again Friday, March 31st when it premiers on Hulu. Rye Lane has me wanting to take a trip to London and just experience the culture more than I have ever wanted to before. Plus, if Rye Lane is just the beginning for Allen-Miller I am THRILLED to see where she goes from here because she knocked this one out of the park!

Rye Lane premiers on Hulu Friday, March 31st, and I can’t wait to hear YOUR thoughts.

Quick Notes about Rye Lane

1. Both the main characters have endured messy break-ups.
2. Rye Lane offers light at the end of the tunnel and is a great reminder to all of us that no matter what chapter of life you are in there is still happiness to be gained.
3. You’ll want to visit London, and hope to thrive as much as the characters do.
4. Dom is seen crying, so you’re taking on a rare vulnerable, and sensitive journey of the male that you do not typically find in movies.
5. The language is STRONG and frequent.


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