Nomadik WINTER READY Box Review: Gear Up For A Winter Hike

You’ve heard me talk about the Nomadik Subscription Box time and time again. Not only do I love discovering new products, but I love a good theme as well. For the month of March, Nomadik sent a Winter Ready, themed box. And, while winter is coming to a close here in Michigan, I still can utilize the contents of the Winter Ready box throughout the year.

The Nomadik Winter Ready, themed box came equipped with high-quality gear and tools for my next hiking adventure, which will be this weekend. Let’s jump right into what’s in the box, shall we?

Deso Bristlecone Cuff Beanie. This beanie is soft and stretchy, one-size-fits-all, blocks out the wind, and features the brand logo on a patch front and center. The beanie is cozy, and comfortable and would be perfect for chopping wood, lounging by a winter bonfire, or being worn for a woodland hike.

When it comes to exploring the outdoors in the wintertime, you’re bound to eventually get cold and want to sip on a hot beverage to warm you up, well let me introduce you to my new favorite cup—the Camp Insulated Carabiner Cup. The convenient functional carabiner handle makes this the perfect portable travel cup for hiking or camping since you can clip it to your backpack and not have it inside taking up space. Despite not having a lid the double-wall insulation helps keep the beverage hot for a long period of time.

All Good Products Mineral Sunstick SPF30 Sport, if you know me you know that no matter what the season is I have sunscreen on my skin. One thing I think people forget about is that ,you should be applying sunscreen to your face especially in the winter. This sunstick helps project against harmful UV rays, and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. It’s also reef-friendly, sensitive skin-friendly, and eco-systems-friendly, which I really appreciate it. I actually have one of these sunsticks in my purse for everyday use, as well as my hiking pack.

Coghlan’s Aluminum Capsule is useful for keeping small valuables safe when you’re on the go. Since the o-ring lid provides a watertight closure I use mine to keep personal information safe, in case of an unfortunate event.

Overall Thoughts about the Nomadik Winter Ready Box

While I was bummed this box didn’t arrive during the winter, I can still appreciate it going into spring. I love the fact that this Nomadik Winter Ready box included practical items for adventures. The sunscreen stick is great for protecting my face on the go, no matter what season I am in. I love the aluminum capsule for my personal information, instead of just having a tag on my bag. The double-wall insulated mug is great for sipping warm drinks and has already seen plenty of weekend time by a roaring backyard bonfire. And of course, I can’t forget about the beanie, one can never have too many beanies.

If you’ve never received a Nomadik box before, each box also comes with an exclusive sticker for Nomadik subscribers, and they’re always so much fun! As well as a pamphlet explaining each item, as well as tips, and a challenge. But I didn’t want to share those, they’re part of the fun of getting a box.

Learn more about Nomadik Subscription Boxes and sign up to receive yours today.

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