2022 Gift Guide: Adventurer

Whether you stumbled upon this list or you’ve been following me for years, it’s easy to see that I love adventures. All nine of these items on this gift guide are items I personally use, love, and swear by. They’re my must-haves. I hope the adventurer in your life loves these products as much as I do.

Adventurer Gift Guide

Hiking Shoes – Merrell Moab 2

Hands down these are the BEST hiking shoes that I have ever owned. Check out my review on Merell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes to see why they’re the must-have every adventurer should own.

Snowshoes – Northern Lites

Snowshoeing is probably my favorite winter activity, and having a good pair of snowshoes is important. I personally love Northern Lites. I’ve had mine since college, and they’ve done all sorts of terrain trails with me.

Everyday Bag – Kavu

Kavu Rope Bags are my absolute favorite. I first discovered them at Getz, and have continued to support my favorite gear shop and buy Kavu bags from them. In all honesty, I probably buy two a year. They’re my favorite over traditional purses.

Hot Drink Cup – Ecovessel

Stylish and functional. Ecovessel sells the best reusable water bottles and coffee cups. You’ll never catch me on an adventure without one.

Paddle Board – Roc Sup Co.

I recommend Roc paddle boards to everyone. I have two paddle boards and my Roc is the one that gets the most use. I prefer it over any other brand of boards. If someone on your list is wanting a paddle board I cannot recommend Roc boards enough!

Socks – Darn Tough

Darn Tough socks are made for adventure. They’re more expensive than traditional socks, but they’re made in the USA, the quality is unbeatable and a must-have for any adventurer.

Inner Wisdom Cards – Shoppe Geo

A few years ago I started getting into inner wisdom cards. The deck from Shoppe Geo is my current favorite. Basically, I will start my day by picking a card, it gives me the little extra boost of positive vibe I need.

Moisture Stick – Treat Beauty

The Moisture Stick from Treat Beauty is a must-have for any adventurer. Apply it to anywhere you are feeling dry and need an extra boost of moisture. I love using it on my nose and lips, usually, they’re beaten up the hardest by the elements.

Snow Pants – Jack Wolfskin

Is someone asking for snow pants? Jack Wolfskin is my go-to brand for all things outdoors, and these are my personal favorite snow pants. From ice skating and sledding to hiking adventures or shoveling snow you’ll find me in these cozy snow pants.

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