Movie Review: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a feel-good fashion fairytale. And you’ll be pleased to learn that in the new film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (in theaters Friday, July 15), Mrs. Harris does, in fact, go to Paris. Get ready for all your Paris dreams to come true.

Lesley Manville plays the role of Mrs. Harris or Ada as her friends know her. Mrs. Harris is a London house cleaner often relied on for emotional support by her clients, and some take advantage of her when it comes to paying.

Mrs. Harris is the dreamer we all are. She’s waiting for her husband to return from war (numerous years have passed) he flew a mission, and his plane went down. Technically he’s still missing in action, and Mrs. Harris is the only one with faith that he could still return home.

One day while Mrs. Harris is working for her wealthiest client and most dreadful she gets a glimpse of a gorgeous Dior dress, and it’s at that most things start moving in a positive direction for the ever-so-lovely Mrs. Harris.

While Mrs. Harris is jotting down notes and figuring out numbers and how much money she gets a knock on the door. Out of the blue Mrs. Harris receives the closure that she needed—her beloved husband has passed away. There’s a bit of war widow money to be collected, combined with a lucky turn at a local lottery, which gives Mrs. Harris the wild idea to head to Paris and get herself a Dior dress.

Like many of us, Mrs. Harris is a dreamer. And after spotting that gorgeous Dior frock at her clients, she wanted something special in her life, we’ve all been there.

I bet you’re wondering how is a house cleaner going to get to Paris, and get the frock of her dreams—with great determination, that’s how. Mrs. Harris walks into Dior off the street where a fashion show is going on. She has a stack of cash, a dream, and of course a dreadful woman standing in her way trying to have her removed.

The movie continues as the Dior fashion show stuns, and Mrs. Harris works to make her dreams of owning a Dior frock come true. She meets new friends along the way, turns enemies into friends, and helps others discover their way.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is for the dreamers. It’s the movie we all want to see right now. Grab your girlfriends or go alone, just grab some popcorn and enjoy one of my favorite movies that have come out this year.

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