Nomadik Subscription Review: Light the Night Box

I received this Nomadik subscription box in exchange for my honest review.

I’m back to provide another review on this month’s Nomadik box and let me spill something right now. Hands down this is my favorite box that I’ve received. I’ll be really honest, the box arrived right before I left for my Joshua Tree trip, and I took most of the contents of the box with me. I am sharing my full review of the Light the Night Nomadik Subscription box, as well as each product that was in the box below. This is one review you don’t want to miss.

What was in the Light the Night Subscription Box?

Sun Company Versa 360 Rechargeable Headlamp

I knew I would be doing a night hike while in Joshua Tree, and already had my headlamp packed. My headlamp takes batteries and they don’t last very long in the extreme heat or cold. Once the Light the Night Nomadik box arrives and I discovered the rechargeable headlamp, I took mine out of my pack and packed this one.

Honestly, the headlamp was amazing. The ball joint gives the light 360 degrees of movement, there are 6 white LEDs and 3 red LEDs. The headlamp charges via USB and has a full charge in just 4 hours and has become my adventure must-have.

One80Light Light Diffusing Bag

The multipurpose drawstring bag can easily turn into a hanging lantern by putting a headlamp inside. The bag diffuses the light inside, creating the perfect ambiance at your campsite. The ambiance it creates is truly wonderful.

Nite Ize BugLit LED Micro Flashlight

Equipped with bendable gear tie legs that can be bent, wrapped, or twisted to hold the light anywhere and everywhere. Lately, I have been using the S-Biner clip and attached this cute little bug to my keychain.

Coghlan’s Reflective Guy Line—25 feet

Reflective Guy Line is the product I didn’t know that I needed. This highly visible line minimizes any tripping on your tent or tarp in low light. It’s also great for trail marking.

Overall Thoughts

Loved the Light the Night Nomadik box so much. I have already used every single product multiple times, and the headlamp was amazing for lighting up Heart Rock in Joshua Tree.

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