Zoya Sunset Palette 2021

Zoya just spilled the beans on their newest palette Sunset, and it’s giving me all the fall vibes. Zoya Sunset Palette is new for 2021 and features five irresistible fall hues, and a Hot Lips Lip Gloss. Zoya nail polish has really surprised me this year with some seriously dreamy collections, and honestly this Sunset Palette might be my favorite for the entire year.

Let’s meet the Sunset Palette by Zoya

Colin is a warm walnut brown with a hint of red. I am loving the mixing of browns and reds this season so definitely can’t wait to try it out.

Cory is an amber cream and is giving me all the fall vibes.

Dionne can be described as a deep brunette brown cream with the slightest kiss of wine undertones. Does this description have anyone else already falling in love with this shade?

Honey is described as a warm golden honeycomb cream and is the color I am most excited for in this collection.

Jackie is a brick red cream, and as someone who never ventures towards reds I am excited to see how it looks against my olive complexion.

Anonymous Hot Lips Lip Gloss is a gorgeous deep raspberry with glistening gold shimmer. If you have never tried Zoya Hot Lips Lip Gloss before, you’re definitely missing out. It applies like silk and has a sweet scent and flavor. Plus all Zoya Hot Lips colors are free of parabens. In all honestly I ONLY use Zoya Hot Lips Lip Gloss.

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