The 9 Best Nail Polish Trends Fall 2021

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One thing I loved in 2020 was the fact that every time I stepped out of the house, my face needed to be adorned with a mask. That meant only mascara for me. Anyone else ditch the foundation, blush, bronzer and lip colors? My beauty statement definitely went to my nails. Prior to 2020 I would polish my nails and then when it chipped remove the polish and go a couple weeks with nude nails. That all changed in 2020. I started polishing my nails weekly. The colors became a beauty statement, and I have continued the trend through 2021.

With summer slowly coming to an end (it’s 85 degrees here in Michigan today), it’s time to get a head start on a fall beauty routine. When it comes to beauty kitten eyes (smaller cat eye flick), dewy glowy skin and long luscious lashes are where it’s at. But when it comes to fall 2021 nail colors it’s all about earthy solids and tried and true classics. And I am PUMPED! Looking to learn more about the latest beauty trends or wanting to buy beauty products? Organic Bunny is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs.

What are earth solids?

For fall 2021 nail trends think moss greens, brownish reds and my personal favorite mustard yellows.

The 9 Best Nail Polish Trends Fall 2021

1. Mossy green

Green has been making a statement all year long, but this fall it’s coming back better than ever. Ditch the lime and kelly greens and reach for a muted neutral green. The best part about mossy green is it looks gorgeous across a lot of different skin tones and the earthy hue has a grounded vibe to it.

2. Slight shimmer neutrals

Are you a fan of neutral nail polish hues? They’re my go-to especially when I have to go to the office for work. Fall 2021 is taking our favorite neutral look, and putting a spin on it by adding the slightest hint of sparkle and I am here for it. Hello rose gold nails.

3. Opaque nudes

When my nails are not adorned in moody colors, I love to play with creamy nudes. It’s a clean, crisp and classic nail color that you can’t go wrong with.

4. Mustard yellow

It wouldn’t be fall without crisp, yellow leaves. Have you seen how gorgeous Colorado looks in the fall with those golden leaves? Mustard yellow is easily one of my favorite shades to wear on my nails during September and October. The color is reminiscent of falling leaves. The best thing about mustard yellow is it pairs great with a lot of different skin tones.

5. Classic red

Spring, summer, winter or fall red nails always seem to make an appearance and that’s because it is such a timeless and classic color. To offset those earthy tones, why not go for a classic red?

6. Moody blues

When I first saw that moody blue was a hot trend for fall 2021 I thought “well that came out of left field”. Typically fall is all about warm reds, moody purples, rich wines, mustard and earthy tones. But this fall stormy blues will be all the rage. From midnight shades to cornflower blue, make sure you have a moody blue in your rotation this fall. I am thinking maybe middle of November a stormy blue would be gorgeous.

7. Milk chocolate

Not sure if you want to wear red or brown nail polish? Why not go for a hybrid of both this fall. One of the hottest nail trends for 2021 is a combination of red and brown which gives you a milk chocolate/Mexican hot chocolate hue that is a stunner.

8. Light gray

One of my favorite fall 2021 nail polish trend is a frosty washed out gray. The first OPI nail polish color I ever bought was You Don’t Know Jacques and at least 8 bottles later it is still my number one favorite color for fall. So you can imagine my excitement seeing gray making the fall list make the fall 2021 nail polish trends list.

9. Glitter

All that glitters is gold and you can’t beat adding an accent nail of gold.

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