31 Things To Do In July

Happy July! ‘Tis the season for BBQs, sunsets, trips to the beach, and random road trips. Like most of the states, Michigan has fully opened back up and now it’s more important than ever to support your favorite small businesses. Now let’s get on to 31 things you can do this July:

1. Give yourself a fresh pedicure so you’re confident to step out in flip flops or go barefoot at the beach. I just gave myself an at-home pedicure with Zoya’s Janie—a stunning hot pink.

2. Make homemade chocolate for s’mores.

3. Have a bonfire and make a s’mores charcuterie board. Think outside the box, get a variety of different cookies and chocolates to create the ultimate s’mores.

4. Happy Fourth of July! Wear your favorite red, white and blue attire, grill out and enjoy some fireworks.

5. Plan a day trip to your local state park. Pack an array of snacks and picnic food too.

6. Find a new hiking trail to explore.

7. Play disc golf.

8. Go kayaking or standup paddle boarding.

9. Head to the beach and enjoy a day at the water.

10. Happy Blueberry Day! I am going to make some Michigan blueberry lemon muffins today.

11. Have friends over and make a build-your-own ice cream sundae. Get some vanilla ice cream, a variety of toppings like peanuts, m&ms, crumbled cookies, cookie dough balls, sprinkles, etc. Don’t forget melted sauces like caramel, strawberry, and of course hot fudge.

12. Go to a drive-in and enjoy a movie outside. Bonus points if it is from the bed of a truck.
13. Grab tickets and plan a trip to a baseball game.

14. Celebrate National Mac & Cheese Day today! I love making homemade macaroni and cheese and adding broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers.

15. Plan a tubing trip down a lazy river.

16. Wake up early and catch a sunrise.

17. Go camping. If you don’t like tent camping you can check out the website Outdoorsy and rent campers or Airbnb for retro camper stays. I love this one.

18. Rent a pedal boat. Pedal boats move at a leisurely pace, pack some sunscreen and snacks, and spend a couple of hours out on the water in the summer sunshine. Bonus points if the pedal boat is a swan, duck or other fun creature!

19. Make your own ice cream. Last year I made homemade strawberry and peach and they were out of this world!

20. Whip up some homemade lemonade. I am currently loving lemonade with a hint of lavender.

21. Well hot dog, it’s National Hot Dog Day today! Forget the traditional ballpark frank and go for a carrot dog! Check out my recipe for the most delicious carrot dogs ever.

22. Rent a canoe and spend the day out on the water.

23. Make pizza on the barbeque.

24. Spend a day totally tech-free. Read a book, enjoy the beach, go for a hike…etc. Just take some time away from technology.

25. Go for a bike ride.

26. Head to your local farmers market and get some goodies.

27. Visit a local ice cream shop.

28. Take your fitness routine outside. I love outdoor workout classes.

29. Check out a botanical garden.

30. Happy International Day of Friendship. Send a few friends some fun snail mail. Even the smallest thing like a scrunchie or bracelet means the world to someone.

31. Make a list of five things you want to do before summer ends. 

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