Peony Tulips

Peonies are a favorite in many gardens (including mine) and for good reason. Peony blooms contain layers of soft, delicate petals in the prettiest shades. It’s no secret that out of all the flowers out there peonies are my absolute favorite. As you can imagine when I saw the words “peony tulips” in an Instagram post I had to know more.

If this is your first time hearing about peony tulips, you’re not alone. As someone whose favorite flower is peonies and enjoys tulips, I was shocked and a little disappointed that I had never heard of them before. But that was all about to change with a trip out to the country to visit the sweet little honest shop I discovered last year. I picked up my mum, and we headed out on our journey to the Shue Shed to get the most beautiful bouquets of peony tulips. Let me tell you the trek used nearly an entire tank of gas, but it was worth it to get these stunning flowers.

One thing that makes peony tulips unique is they are scented. Traditionally tulips have no scent, and if scents bother you peony tulips may not be right for you.

What are peony tulips?

Peony tulips are a type of double late tulips. As the name implies, the large double blooms resemble that of peony flowers. Not only are peony tulips breathtaking, but they’re also long-lasting blooms and they’re scented (tulips are traditionally unscented).

What colors do peony tulips come in?

Peony tulips come in shades of pink, orange, yellow, purple, red, and white. Some varieties are solid-colored, and others are bicolored, you’ll find some that have feathered patterns on the petals and others have fringed edges. 

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