How To Make A St. Patrick’s Day Charcuterie Board

St. Patricks Day Charcuterie Board

Cereal Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie boards have quickly become a household favorite, and with good reason. They\’re the perfect way to carry out any holiday or theme. With St. Patrick\’s Day just around the corner you know I had to come up with a fun board, and this one is pretty epic.
Instead of shamrocks and green, I went with the rainbow theme and decided to go with a cereal board. Some of my favorite childhood cereals are rainbow-colored and made the perfect addition to the board. I made the board for my mum and I to enjoy Saturday night while watching a new Hallmark movie.

If you\’re looking looking for an out-of-the-box St. Patrick\’s Day charcuterie board, this one is perfect for you.

Cereal Charcuterie


Cereal Charcuterie


Cereal Charcuterie


Cereal Charcuterie

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