Movie Review: Nomadland

Nomadland Movie Review

Nomadland is now streaming on Hulu. 

Imagine a place on the map so tied to its indutries that when the work disappears, so does the place. During the opening of Nomadland they simply state that a zip code can be \”discontinued\”, but what happens to the people who live in that town? 

Fern (Frances McDormand) is grieving a life that’s been ripped away from her. From the stories she tells, it seems as though Fern was relatively happy in Empire, Nevada. You see, Empire was one of those many American small towns built around industry. When the gypsum plant closed, the town of Empire quite literally closed with it. In six months, its entire zip code was eliminated – can you even imagine?

During what seems like a nightmare, Fern’s husband passes away, leaving her alone and, well, she likes the word “houseless” more than “homeless.” Fern decides to hit the road in search of work as a seasonal employee at an Amazon center, and begins living in her van. And that is where the journey begins. 

Soon Fern gets involved with a group of modern nomads, who are doing the same thing she is. Capturing the beauty of the country one stop at a time. Fern is one of those people that makes friends everywhere she goes, the way she interacts with people is so beautiful. As someone who travels, and talks to people on the trail it\’s a genuine bond that you can create with strangers and Nomadland depicts that perfectly.

What I found interesting and unique was that the people Fern meets along the way are non-actors, they\’re real people who are living this life. You hear genuine stories about not wanting to die before their dreams of traveling the country are fulfilled, they share tips of survival and safety on the road. They support each other and that is what makes this movie special. It\’s raw, beautiful and genuine. 

If you\’re looking for something to watch this weekend grab some popcorn and watch Nomadland, you won\’t regret it. 

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