Movie Review: Half Brothers

Half Brothers review

Half Brothers opens in theaters (where theaters are open – sorry Michiganders, not for us) this Friday, December 4th. 

What I thought of Half Brothers:
Not as funny as it’s potential, Half Brothers was still a great movie and checked off all the boxes for a solid dramatic comedy.
It’s about an old man’s wish to unite his two sons – half brothers who never knew about each other. Renato, his son he left behind, now a Mexican aviation exec who shared his dad’s passion for planes. And Asher, his quirky, free-spirited American son. After planning out a “scavenger hunt” filled with riddles and hopefully the answers they are looking for, the two are forced on a road trip together from Chicago to the Mexican border. They trace the path their father took after he arrived in the US from Mexico all those years ago, learning about all his hardships along the way.
Relatable to most, Half Brothers displayed the dynamics of different family relationships, as well as the experiences of immigrants searching for a better life, making it a touching comedy for the whole family.
Luckily, it did feature some comedic relief, but it could have been a bit funnier. One of the funniest moments was the stolen goat – but like many movies, we already saw that in the trailer.
Final thoughts: 
Nonetheless, Half Brothers was pretty lighthearted and did end on a positive note. I would definitely watch it again. The road trip aspect reminded me of the movie Due Date.

Half Brothers Synopsis: 

Renato, a successful Mexican aviation executive, is shocked to discover he has an American half-brother he never knew about, the free-spirited Asher. The two very different half-brothers are forced on a road journey together masterminded by their ailing father, tracing the path their father took as an immigrant from Mexico to the US.  

Director: Luke Greenfield (“Let’s Be Cops,” “The Girl Next Door”)
Writers:  Eduardo Cisneros, Jason Shuman
Producers:  Eduardo Cisneros, Jason Shuman
Cast: Luis Gerardo Méndez, Connor Del Rio, Juan Pablo Espinosa

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