Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

Putting together cheeseboards have become my go-to for a snack or dinner. This past weekend in the spirit of Thanksgiving and autumn I decided to make a board that was both sweet and savory. I have really started to venture out and create unexpected cheeseboards, and I think that makes them even more. fun. To make the board more festive I added a white pumpkin and cut out cheese in the shape of pumpkins and leaves. Below you will find a list of what I used to create this delicious board. Do you love making themed cheeseboards?

thanksgiving cheese board

Autumn Cheese Board

Thanksgiving Snack Board

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board List:
Homemade garlic pickles from my neighbor
Reid\’s cinnamon whipped honey
Reid\’s pumpkin pie peanut butter
Yates Cider Mill plain donuts
Sugar cookies made to look like pumpkins and pumpkin pie
Molasses cookie bites
Honeycrisp apple
Cabot Vermont Seriously Sharp white cheddar cheese
Cabot Vermont Seriously Sharp cheddar cheese
Cabot Colby Jack cheese
Cabot Pepper Jack cheese
Variety of crackers

Autumn Snack Board

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