10 Reasons You Need Pep Talk Poetry in Your Life

pep talk poetry

Let\’s face it, 2020 has been nothing like any of us expected it to be. Some of us lost loved ones and some of us lost our jobs. Our travel plans came to a halt, and we watched some of our favorite small businesses and restaurants disappear. We\’re stressed, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and could all use a little pep talk to remind us that we are unmitigated badasses. Where do you find such a pep talk? In Emily Haines Lloyd\’s book Pep Talk Poetry

Pep Talk Poetry is the tiny book I have always needed in my life, and I actually think everyone needs it in their life. If I am having a rough day, need a little inspiration, or a reminder that I am worth it – I can find that reassurance within Pep Talk Poetry. This book has completely revamped my mindset, and I know it will do the same for you. I keep my copy on my office desk for when I need that little boost to get me through a difficult day. 

Pep Talk Poetry Review

What is Pep Talk Poetry?
Pep Talk Poetry is written by Emily Haines Lloyd and features a collection of pep talks to remind you that you\’re an unmitigated badass. 

pep talk poetry

Who is Pep Talk Poetry written for?
Pep Talk Poetry is written for everyone. Yourself, your friends, family, significant other, random strangers on the street all face challenges, we all doubt ourselves at one time or another. Life is tough, and Pep Talk Poetry will give that pep talk we all need now and then. Pep Talk Poetry is the perfect gift for a friend going through a tough time, someone who feels lost in their career, a graduate about to face a life of adulting, someone who needs a reminder that they\’ve got this or for yourself, just because.

10 reasons you need Pep Talk Poetry by Emily Haines Lloyd in your life
1. Pep Talk Poetry reminds you that you need to keep pushing on and being you.
2. It will remind you of how wonderful you are.
3. Pep Talk Poetry is the inspiration we all could use in our lives.
4. Rough day? Grab Pep Talk Poetry and start reading, and soon you\’ll be uplifted. 
5. In just a few uplifting words, this book will remind you just how amazing you are.
6. You\’ll discover heartfelt, hilarious, and inspiring poems.
7. When a friend is having an off day, take a picture of a poem to uplift them, and remind them just how wonderful they are.
8. It\’s the perfect addition to anyone\’s desk to read when they need a pep talk, it\’s a coffee table must have and perfect for a nightstand to calm your mind before bed.
9. Pep Talk Poetry keeps it real, and will literally tell you to double bag that shit.
10. The book is easy to read and empowering.

Grab your copy of Pep Talk Poetry today!

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