Zoya Transitional: Naturel 4 Swatches


Living in Michigan we get four very distinct seasons, but there is always that transitional period between the seasons where I struggle with what color I want to polish my nails. Currently, the leaves have fallen to the ground, the grass is dying and everything is brown and blah. It\’s that seasonal transition period where we wait for the snow to fall and our color palette to change. 

While we struggle through this transitional period, Zoya has made the transition from winter to spring a little easier with Naturel 4. Zoya\’s transitional Naturel 4 nail polish palette includes six new colors including mauve-toned neutral creams and a show-stopping duo-chrome topper. The collection was designed to embody the transition of winter to spring with calming hues and let me tell you Zoya absolutely nailed it. 

I can honestly say, I have ever once said I loved an entire nail polish collection. However, I can wholeheartedly say I love EVERY single one of the colors in this collection. Marlowe the duo-chrome topper is perfect worn solo or as a topper over one of your favorite shades to add a pop of sparkle. When it comes to the creams, I could not think of any that fit the transition from winter to spring than these five.

Let\’s meet the Naturel 4 lineup

Evelyn is a soft cool blush pink cream

Cami is a pale mauve taupe cream. OPI\’s You Don\’t Know Jacque has always been my favorite taupe, that is until I tried Cami. Hands down, Cami is my new favorite.

Barrett is a taupe-violet cream

Vivian is a dusty grape cream that I can already picture on repeat come March. 

Adeline is a deep fig taupe cream

Marlow is a duo-chrome with rose-gold shimmer and slate-blue base. Add depth when you add Marlowe over one of your favorite creams

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