Friday Favorites 11.13.20

Gotcha Jack
It\’s Friday (the 13th), and that means it\’s time for Friday Favorites! Today I have rounded up a few of my recent faves, including a few product recommendations, a quick list of what\’s happening, and a few things I have loved this week. 


It\’s an exciting day today, as I am celebrating Jack\’s Gotcha Day. That\’s right, eight years ago I walked into a mall with my mum to get lunch at Olga\’s and walked out with Jack. Here is when I introduced Jack to all of you!

I just started watching Dash and Lily on Netflix and cannot wait to binge the rest of it this weekend. 

In case you\’re looking to head to the theater this month, here is what you will find.

Still in need of gifts this holiday season? Check out my gift guide, featuring only my personal favorites.

Jack Curley Down is my current favorite song.

This book is bringing me life this week.

I just got a Peloton this week, and I am trying to get back into a fitness routine.

The weather is getting chilly and I have been getting my snuggle on with this blanket.

I have had my eye on this blanket hoodie.

I could use this blanket in my life right about now.

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