Friday Favorites 11.06.20

Anyone else feel like it should have been Friday on Tuesday this week? Typically I felt like the weeks were flying by this year, and this week was just in slow motion for me. My Uncle Tom lost his battle with cancer on Sunday and Tuesday marked one year since my grandpa passed away. The week has been somber for me, and I am excited that the weekend is here and the weather is nice. 

On a positive note, temperatures are in the upper 60\’s and 70\’s this weekend I think it presents the perfect opportunity for me to head out on my paddle board for a few hours and just enjoy the water. I also started to deck the halls a little bit, thanks to Target. I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Here are some of my favorites this week

I am loving the smell of peppermint essential oils lately.

Need a pick me up? I am loving Pep Talk Poetry, the author is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If you\’re thinking about hiking this fall, I am sharing my fall hiking outfit recommendations.

Christmas is out at Target and I am loving it.

This super cute gnome, just joined my home.

I went to Smokehouse52 in Chelsea, Michigan, and had the best bbq of my life.

If you\’ve ever wondered what the woods smell like in the upper part of Michigan, this candle is pretty spot on.

If you\’ve started Christmas shopping be sure to check out my gift guides for some great ideas!

There\’s still time to visit a cider mill this year if you have not gone.

My mum picked me up a cheese advent calendar from Aldi, and I cannot wait for December to arrive.

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