5 Reasons You Will Love Gnomish Detroit

Gnomish Detroit

Growing up you couldn\’t walk in our backyard without seeing the face of a friendly gnome. Originally, gnomes were thought to provide protection and were also a symbol of good luck. When I went off to college my mum sent me with a gnome, when I moved out of state I received another gnome, and so on as events happened. Somewhere along the lines, I fell in love with gnomes on my own. I have a few gnome statues, and recently discovered a whole new world of gnomes that I am absolutely in love with. Let me introduce you to Gnomish Detroit

Gnomish Detroit

Gnomish Detroit is based in the Detroitish area and is a small business making up the cutest modern gnomes that you will ever see. One thing unique about Gnomish is you can\’t just go to the website whenever you want and buy a gnome. These gnomes are handcrafted and have special release dates. When the gnomes are released you have to be quick to get them, these little guys are special and make a fun and loving addition to any home. 

Gnomish Detroit

Handmade vs. Manufactured
I recently read something that said something along the lines of, when you buy from a small business you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. Instead, you are helping a little girl get dance lessons or a little boy get his team hockey jersey. You\’re helping someone put food on their table and pay their mortgage and let me tell you this really hit me. 


You know that I love supporting small businesses, I love craft shows and art fairs and I know that a lot of time, effort, and money go into the products that are handmade. Earlier this fall my mum and I went to a local farmers market, there was a lady selling afghans, they were stunning and she was only charging $35. I was in shock because I know how long afghans take to crochet and the price of yarn. My mum bought an afghan immediately and gave her two twenties and said to keep the change. The lady was in shock, and my mum said you are making hardly anything on these, I know how much yarn and time costs. The lady said that people won\’t pay more for something that is handmade, and when you think about it that is true. Many people will think nothing of spending $70 on a manufactured blanket, but will not spend that much on a handmade blanket, because it is not going to be perfect.


When you buy something handmade it means you are buying something that was made by hand. It means the items are not created in bulk and sometimes stitches go outside the lines. It means that each piece is unique and has its own personality. It means you have a one of a kind item for your home. Yes, homemade comes with a higher price tag, but it also comes with a lot of time, effort, energy, thoughtfulness, and love. 

Gnomish Detroit

What makes Gnomish Detroit Gnomes Unique?
Gnomish Detroit gnomes are made by one person out of their home. These modern gnomes take time to make, and each gnome is so much more than just a gnome. Theses gnomes are a work of art that makes a great addition to your home. 

The gnomes have special release dates that you can find out via the Gnomish Detroit Instagram. The reason for special release dates is because these modern gnomes are made by a single person and she is able to create a whole bunch and then take pictures of them and list them online. Bulk listing is easier than individually listing and allows for more time to be put into the creation of these modern gnomes. 

Gnomish Gnome

5 Reasons You Will Love Gnomish Detroit
1. Each gnome is handcrafted with love. 
2. The modern design is sure to fit perfectly into any home or office.
3. Gnomish gnomes feature a Solmate sock flopped hat and the best part you can actually order that pair of Solmat socks to match your gnome!
4. The hair of the gnomes is unique from frosted snowy hair to red-feathered hair the hair has a personality of its own.
5. Gnomish gnomes are one-of-a-kind and easily identifiable due to their unique style.

Will you be welcoming a a gnome home?

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