Things To Do in Marquette, Michigan: Hike Sugarloaf Mountain

Some of my favorite scenic views in Michigan (and favorite memories) are from atop Sugarloaf Mountain with Lake Superior glistening in the background. In the summer everything is lush and green, but come autumn, breathtaking colorful vistas with burnt orange and golden leaves are woven into the evergreens. In the winter, all is quiet and you will find snowy peaks and frozen landscapes as ar as the eye can see. No matter what the season is Sugarloaf Mountain is a must-see. 

When I attended college at Northern Michigan University as soon as my parents came up to visit I took them to Sugarloaf Mountain. Whether you\’re staying in Marquette for vacation or visiting Michigan\’s Upper Peninsula I highly recommend making a stop at Sugarloaf Mountain for 360 degrees of stunning views.

When it comes to trails you can pick the trail marked \”easy\” or \”difficult. The \”easy\” trail is filled with stairs and becomes tiresome quickly. I actually prefer the \”difficult\” trail, where you will have steeper elevation as well as a rockier and uneven terrain. However, the difficult trail is entirely manageable for the average active person. You will find a lot of parents take their children up the \”difficult\” trail because it is easier than the \”easy\” trail that is filled with stairs. I did the \”difficult\” trail with my parents when they visited me in college and they did fine with it and they\’re not an active adventurer like I am. 

For your convenience, both trails are clearly marked and well-traversed, most of the time you\’ll encounter numerous people along the path. No matter which trail you take, as you reach the top of Sugarloaf Mountain you will come to a series of stairways that provide an accessible path up the otherwise rocky and steep terrain. Once you reach the top get ready for stunning views of trees and of course Lake Superior\’s deep blue waters. Take a walk up to the viewing platforms to get a breathtaking 360-degree view of Lake Superior, Marquette, and Michigan\’s Huron Mountains in the distance. 

10 Facts about Sugarloaf Mountain in Marquette, Michigan

1. Free parking lot at the trailhead
2. Located about 6 miles north of downtown Marquette on Country Road 550
3. The hike up Sugarloaf Mountain takes 15-30 minutes to reach the to
4. Two trail options designated \”easy\” and \”difficult\”
Pro Tip: The \”easy\” trail is packed with stairs and the \”difficult\” trail is more moderate than it sounds. I prefer the \”difficult\” trail
5. Summit rises 470 feet above Lake Superior
6. Several viewing platforms await at the top with benches to rest
7. No restrooms or facilities, not handicap accessible
8. Foot-traffic only
9. Dog-friendly
10. Accessible during all four seasons

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