Zoya Holiday 2020: Intriguing

Zoya Holiday 2020 

Zoya\’s holiday 2020 collection is called Intriguing, and rightfully so. This collection is packed with some of the most intriguing colors for the holiday season. Whether you\’re Zooming a holiday dinner, having a socially distanced get-together, or watching Hallmark movies next to a fire Zoya\’s holiday collection brings all the glitz and glam that you will need. 

All the descriptions below are from Zoya, and I provide my first thoughts on each color. 

Nico can best be described as a celadon-toned pearl with a touch of silver shimmer blended in. When it comes to Christmas I love a good traditional red and green, however, I am loving the fact that Nico is taking green to a whole new sophisticated level.

Euince can best be described as a chartreuse metallic green. Euince looks like the quintessential transition color from fall to the holiday season. I am thinking come end of October this will be on repeat on my nails.

Regina can best be described as an alluring dark emerald green metallic. Regina is giving me all the Wizard of Oz Emerald City vibes, and I am loving it. 
Meredith can best be described as a twinkling midnight sapphire blue with an icy light blue shimmer. I love a good blue in the winter, and typically go for something light and airy, but I am kind of loving this midnight sapphire blue. Perhaps this will be my New Years Eve color?

Nisha can best be described as a deep royal blue-violet metallic. I am very intrigued by Nisha, I love that it\’s a deep blue with a little violet mixed in, I can\’t wait to see it swatched up in the sunlight.

Koley can best be described as a ruby pink metallic. For all you red lovers out there Koley looks like it falls on more of the pink spectrum than deep red and it could be a fun change-up for you. 

Soko can best be described as a wintery Poinsettia red cream. I may not be a red fan, but I can definitely appreciate a tried and true red and I am thinking Soko might be it. 

Beverly can best be described as a dark purple-toned red cream. If you know me, you know come fall and winter I transition into deeper tones. While I avoid purples in the summer, you will find deep purple on repeat on my nails. Beverly is looking like it could definitely become an on repeat color. 

Avi can best be described as a smoky greige cream with a hint of red-brown. Can we just say wow? Avi looks like the color that will be on repeat all November. 

Brett can best be described as a deep charcoal indigo cream. I love the icy color of Brett, and cannot wait to see it swatched up. 

Isti can best be described as a wintery steel blue, textured PixieDust with a pop of brilliant royal blue for added vibrancy. Zoya, you have truly outdone yourself by adding some Pixie Dust to your holiday collection. Now, this is an icy blue I can see is perfect for an accent nail. 

Lottie can best be described as a soft champagne pearl with a hint of glistening shimmer blended in. Wow! Lottie is snowy, shes icy, shes a pop of glitz and glam.

Overall first thoughts about Intriguing Zoya\’s Holiday 2020 
Absolutely love the look of Zoya\’s holiday 2020 collection Intriguing. I cannot wait to try out Lottie, Brett, Isti, Avi, and Nico. The collection definitely embodies the holiday season and I love how it has transitional colors to get you ready for the holiday season.

Release Date: Available Online, Thursday, October 15.

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