Female Entrepreneur: Angela Wei

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This is a man\’s world, but it would nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl. You\’ve heard the song before, and I am sure you have been told before it\’s a man\’s world. Businesses are centered around boys clubs and females tend to be the less important assets at a company (even when they work their tails off). Not only do women struggle in office settings with the boy\’s clubs, but they face challenges as a female entrepreneur. Today we are going to talk about the five challenges women entrepreneurs face and how to overcome these challenges. 

4 Challenges Female Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome Them

1. Social expectations
My friend was recently telling me that her seven-year-old daughter suddenly no longer wanted to be a Detroit Lions fan, she wanted to be a Green Bay Packers fan. Baffled by the change of heart, she asked her daughter more about the team change and she said because a boy she likes is a fan of Green Bay so she now was. Is seven years old the magic age when a boy\’s opinions start effecting our own as a female?

Think about attending a networking event, you walk into the crowded seminar and I bet you can count the number of women in attendance on one hand. As a female, you begin to think maybe you need to adopt a stereotypically \”male\” attitude towards business practices: aggressive, competitive, and in many cases harsh. As a grown adult you are back to that little seven-year-old who has lost her own voice and did not remain true to herself. 

As a female entrepreneur, the most powerful person you can be is yourself. Have confidence in who you are. Don\’t conform to a man\’s idea of what a leader should look like. You know how to be a leader, start leading in your own way. 

2. Struggling to be taken seriously
At one time or another, most women find themselves in a male-dominated industry or workplace, and then men do not want to acknowledge their leadership role.

Earning respect in a male-dominated workplace is definitely a struggle, but you need to make sure you are working on creating your own reputation as the hardworking honorable businessperson you know you are. To earn respect and create your own reputation, you need to get out of your own way and get confidence that you are amazing.

3. Own your accomplishments
For many of us females saying \”I\” instead of \”we\” makes us feel like we are bragging instead of talking about the value of our accomplishments and our effort. Confidence is key to success, even when you\’re in a room filled with men. 

4. Build a support network
I know, I know, this is hard. I have found that a lot of females do not want to help and support other females. However, I said a lot of females – I did not say all females. There are of course some females out there that want the support system as well. When you start adjusting each other\’s crowns instead of walking away you become not only a better person but a powerhouse in the business because you have the confidence to share yourself with others. Sometimes there are even women-only networks which means the women in there are ready to help and be your biggest fan instead of hope you fail so they succeed. Angela Wei Milk is a woman who is talking about gender roles and overcoming a man\’s world.

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