Fall in Love with Lottie Mae


I don\’t know about you, but I absolutely love unique small businesses. Typically, when I am up north I discover the cutest shops and that is where I buy gifts for friends, family, and of course myself. Recently, I came across a shop that is even better than those shops up north. Let me introduce you to Lottie Mae.

Lottie Mae is located in Rochester Hills, Michigan and you can also find it online. The brick and mortar store is curated in the most elegant and chic way. Honestly, when I first walked into Lottie Mae I thought I was walking into a dream.

Jennifer the owner of Lottie Mae knows how to curate a store to create a bright and airy feel. You can tell she puts a lot of thought into the products that she buys for the store. Jennifer started Lottie Mae in 2018 when she began making candles for not only her home but other homes as well. Luckily for all of us, Jennifer opened a storefront. Not only does Lottie Mae feature Jennifer\’s amazing candles (they honestly burn better than any other candles I have tried), she also has other various home fragrances and accessories that are a must-have for any home. 

Whether you are shopping Lottie Mae online or in-store, get ready to fall in love with all the products Lottie Mae has to offer. From candles and sugar whips to sweet treats, coffee, and decor Lottie Mae is your one-stop gift shop for yourself and others. 

Where is Lottie Mae located?
You can visit Lottie Mae at:
1524 E. Auburn Rd. Suite 10

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Or visit Lottie Mae online

What makes Lottie Mae different?
Lottie Mae offers a curated selection of captivating gifts, as well as products for your home and daily life to uplift your spirit or someone else\’s. The products you will find at Lottie Mae allow you to add value to your gifting intentions. From candles to coffee each product has a purpose, which when gifted to yourself or others will surely leave a lasting impression.

Lottie Mae is ever-evolving and is in tune with trends and tastes while maintaining a stylish classic flair. Jennifer is focused on what is essential for your home or well being, which makes Lottie Mae the perfect retail therapy escape.

Must-haves from Lottie Mae
I highly recommend grabbing a candle or two. They burn better than any candle I have ever owned. When you buy a candle you will even get burning instructions to ensure you get the most out of your candles. I also love the essential oil diffuser and have one in my car. Another favorite is the sugar whip, it definitely is a new shower must-have for me. Currently, the shop is filled with plenty of autumn and Halloween goodies including fall scented candles.

Lottie Mae Open Houses
Something that is unique about Lottie Mae is the last Sunday of the month, Jennifer opens the shop for an open house event. Yesterday was September\’s open house with a Hocus Pocus theme. Let me tell you with everything going on right now, the Hocus Pocus Open House at Lottie Mae was everything I needed. Guests were asked to wear witches hats while shopping, there were drinks to sip on, treats to enjoy, adorable cauldron cookies by Redhead Cookie Design, and a pumpkin gift to take when you leave. I mean seriously, could this open house have been any cuter? Don\’t forget to follow Lottie Mae on Facebook so you can stay up to date with new additions to the store and when the next open house will be. 

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