Restaurant Review: Mudgie\’s Deli and Bar

While I may still be socially distancing, and avoiding in restaurants – I am still all about takeout. Located in Corktown, Detroit Mudgie\’s Deli and Bar typically serves up a week filled with lobster. This year they took lobster week to the next level, by making it be the entire month of July. You know I can\’t miss any opportunity for a lobster roll.

Last weekend my aunt and I headed to Corktown to grab a lobster roll from Mudgie\’s Deli and Bar. To make a smoother process you can either eat on the patio or order carryout via their website. We ordered our lobster rolls off the website.

The lobster roll is made with fresh Maine lobster meat that is delivered daily, then lightly dressed, and stuffed into a buttery New England-style bun and served with a side of original Better Made potato chips. Hands down Mudgie\’s Deli and Bar has the best lobster roll that I have ever tasted. This was my first Mudgie\’s experience and I cannot wait to go back and try something else from their menu. 

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